gocreative is, support within mental health, creative people, especially musicians and other creative people, like poets and storytellers, with the availability of workshops, collaborative and 1 on 1 sessions for recording and performance, project support and getting support where it is needed within the mental health system.  group and 1 to 1 sessions are available on a weekly basis, currently based in the St. Helens area of Merseyside, but  location sessions are also available, within the Merseyside and greater Manchester areas.    workshops are based on various activities, collaboration, tutoring in technology within the music industry, project support in production and mastering of media, recording and rehearsal activities..  are you a musician or writer, creative or in support of someone that might benefit from the gocreativ project, and want to be involved in the project, then do not hesitate in getting in touch and dropping a line, rates are reasonable and discounts are available in respect of support.  please click the link below for further information, many thanks.